🌳Forest Coaching® workshop in the river woods along the Adda 29-30 April and 1st May organised by Nature Coaching.

🌈An immersion in nature in which to live the regenerating experience of Forest Bathing (Forest Bathing, Shinrin-Yoku), practising meditative walking, mindfulness with nature, arborea practice (an original practice of movement in connection with trees) and other creative and musical practices, in connection with nature.

🎆The Nature Coaching Academy is a training school for professional coaches, unique in the international scenario, because we combine coaching with body work (embodiment) and deep connection with nature (contemplative practices).

🌞The workshop at the end of April will be co-created by Diana Tedoldi with @Monica Gagliano, a scientist who studies plant intelligence and the way plants communicate with each other and with us.

Other co-creators will be Claudia Antonelli, Maia Cornacchia and Nicola Castelli.

On 30 April Monica will also lead the Cocoa Ceremony, a particularly deep and transformative meditation experience to open up a new dimension in our relationship with ourselves and the plant world.

worshop adda 2023