International Affiliates Campaign: become a Country Ambassador for The Nature Coaching Academy!

On June 23rd we hosted our first webinar dedicated to our International friends, where we launched our campaign for International Affiliates.

During a 2-hours session we gathered with people from all over the world, sharing enthusiasm and perspectives around deepening our connection with the natural world and co-creating a process of cultural repair aimed at reviving our place as humans within the interdependent web of life.

We had participants from Finland, Sri Lanka, the US, UK, Poland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and more.

We’ve been super happy as we got emails from most of them inquiring about our International affiliates program and the opportunities to be our Country Ambassador.

Here is basically what we propose:

  • You become the local representative of The Nature Coaching Academy in your Country
  • We work in synergy with you to organise a 7-days nature-immersion workshop in your area
  • You get 2 free participations: one for you and another person of your choice
  • You find the venue and coordinate all logistics aspects of the training on-site
  • We support you in organising registrations and with the communication and promotion of the event.
  • We agree prices for the trainers and the participation fee for the participants. We want that you get the proper economic reward for your logistic coordination work so we’ll make sure that this happens!
  • We co-create a globally connected community of nature lovers and develop innovative ways to impact the health of people and planet, synergising with environmental and conservation organisations to benefit the web of life in the long haul.

RESULT: We become partners in developing personal and professional growth opportunities for people with nature. Let’s enable us and future generations to live well on this beautiful planet, “which is ours – but not ours alone(Janine Benyus).


world map for nature coaching ambassadors

The video-recording of the 23rd June webinar is being uploaded now in Youtube, and you’ll find it here in the blog over the next few hours in a new Blog Post. Make sure you come back to watch it if you missed it! Meanwhile, you can listen to the audio-recording of the webinar and read the pdf presentation that we used, by accessing the link that we’ve just sent via email (if you’re not on our newsletter, subscribe HERE and get access to everything now, along with a 10% discount on our events and workshops).

If you’re already on our list, but you haven’t received anything via email:

  • look in your spam / promotions / advertising folders (especially if you signed up with a Gmail account or similar). They likely ended up over there!
  • If you don’t find them anywhere in your different inbox folders, write an email to and we’ll get back to you with everything you need.


We’re producing a lot of new contents in English as well. So far, we’ve been developing our work mainly in Italy, so we have tons of free contents, articles and videos in Italian, but we’re in the process of translating a lot in English as well, so we can start pollinating our global audience too! And you get a chance to know us better, by joining our future live events, webinars and more.

So: stay tuned and make sure you get our emails by checking your spam or promo folders frequently (we NEVER ever send spam emails, but often Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail & Co. archive Mailchimp emails straight into spam folders because of some code in it, so even if people register to our emails sometimes they may not get it just because of how Mailchimp works).

Over th epast few weeks we started conversations with potential Country Ambassadors in UK, France, Austria, Spain, Finland and US. We usually first meet in a Zoom call to get to know each other more and talk about the different ecosystems where we could bring the 7-days nature immersion. The first workshops will be scheduled from Spring 2021 on.

If you feel called to join our growing network, email us at Let’s make it happen!


diana tedoldi