🌳The Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium 2022🌳

ARBOREA: entering the breath of trees. The practice that I teach at The Nature Coaching Academy during my Deep Forest Bathing, Forest Coaching® and Nature Coaching courses.

I’ll be talking about this deep tree connection practice 🌳 with Alex Strauss (“The Mindful Walker”, bestselling author and walking mindfulness teacher), on Nov. 2nd, during the Rise Up Rooted Global Wellness Symposium.

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By registering for free you also get access to an exclusive freebie: an audio-guide ARBOREA practice, with my voice guiding you for 30 minutes in deeply connecting with a tree of your choice. A deep mindfulness experience, in synergy with a tree.

This unique global event is designed to give busy people practical ways to lean into the healing power of the Earth in challenging times.

You’ll get so many unvaluable resources from authors, speakers, coaches, physicians, teachers, and other visionaries, on how to recognize and embrace the wisdom and wonder of the Natural world in our lives and work.