National Tree Day: the origin

Each year on 21 November we celebrate the National Tree Day, an anniversary established by an Italian law, which was promulgated in February 2013 and is dedicated to promoting awareness of the importance of trees and forests for not only human life, but for the entire planet.

The root of this celebration is actually much older, and goes back to the festivals that human beings have always dedicated to connecting with the spirits of nature, and even further back to the original awareness of the intimate connection between the plant world and life in all its manifestations.

In fact, the plant not only gives us oxygen, food, materials to clothe ourselves, build our homes, produce thousands of everyday objects, and obtain electricity. Trees, plants and other plant life are also the foundation of the richness of life on the planet.

The deeper meaning of trees for our inner growth

But we want to give the life of trees a deeper meaning, and one related to nourishing our inner life, and building our capacity to positively impact life around us.

In the Nature Coaching Academy we train people to enhance their ability to connect with nature and develop biophilia, the feeling of affiliation and sharing with the rest of the living world. It is in fact by reactivating our capacity to love and feel our deep connection with the life of the planet, that we can nurture our motivation to develop an ecological and regenerative lifestyle for the earth’s resources, and to do everything to make our beautiful planet well.

The ultimate goal of our courses is therefore to extend an ecological awareness all over the worlds, to spread it and encourage that process of cultural repair in the principle of reconnecting with the intelligence of life, of valuing all that is alive, human and not human.

This is why the Forest Coaches and Forest Ambassadors who have trained or are training with our Academy have decided to share images and thoughts inspired by the profound wisdom of trees, which you will find below and on our Facebook Pages (Nature Coaching and Forest Coaching, Forest Bathing, Shinrin-Yoku Italia), which we invite you to follow.

Below is a selection of the shots received!