Biophilic activism, a free webinar for the Climate Coaching Alliance – Global Festival 2023.
I’ll be speaking at the Climate Coaching Alliance Global Festival 2023 about “Biophilic Activism”, from 9am to 1030am GMT.
Is your company ready to handle social and environmental activism in the workplace?
80% of companies expect an increase in the activism of their workers: we are entering a new era in which workers are engaged in raising awareness on sustainability, social responsibility, supply management and respect for social and civil rights (inclusion, diversity, gender gap, gender pay gap).

People no longer allow their companies to make big claims and then not act, and this is especially true for Gen Y 😊 Millennials, 1980-2000) and Gen. Z (2000-2020).

Hope to see you online, and share thoughts about this emergent, relevant trend.
In this workshop, I’ll engage participants in a self-reflection and deep inquiry process to understand the powerful connection between cultivating biophilia, ecophilia, engagement and motivation in eco-action.

Join me, online and for free, to talk about biophilic activism, discover your activism style and share ideas and values to sustain a radical change in our communities.
Check out the details, and register for free through the link below