Between seas and volcanoes, immersion in the nature of the Island of Ischia is the new Nature Coaching Academy workshop led by our coach Diana Tedoldi from 31st May to 4th June.

Five days of deep connection with nature of Ischia, a volcanic island part of the archipelago of the Phlegrean Islands, in the Gulf of Naples.

The workshop will allow you to experience personally the power of the Waters (thermal and marine) and the Volcano, reconnecting with the deep sources of your creativity and generative capacity.
It is indeed at the intersection of deep sea waters and volcanoes that life on Earth was born, some 3.8 billion years ago, at the mouth of some submarine volcanoes.

In particular, here is what we will practise together:

⦿ Forest bathing, contemplative and mindfulness practices in connection with trees, forest, volcano and waters
⦿ Practices of deep connection with nature, to regenerate your energy,
⦿ Connection with the Genius Loci and the strong identity of places
⦿ Exploration of expanded states of perception and consciousness
⦿ Awakening of the connection with your somatic intelligence
⦿ … and lots of sharing and community spirit with people who love nature, just like you!