Forest Coaching Workshop, May 17th, 2021.

Yesterday we’ve been hosting a free online workshop during the International Coaching Week, organised by the International Coaching Federation every year to celebrate coaching and its power.

This year’s session has been dedicated to coaching in connection with a tree.

I had almost 250 participants who registered, and more than 100 who joined me LIVE during the meeting.

In this workshop, we have:

  • learned about the impact of nature connection on a coaching session’s outcome
  • learned what is somatic and ecosomatic intelligence
  • experienced first-hand some of my practices for somatic and ecosomatic activation
  • experienced self-discovery and self-coaching in synergy with a tree.

Participants were asked to join the webinar preferably from an outdoor space they love: a garden, a grove, a peaceful terrace, any place with trees. But many of them have connected with a tree through their mind’s eye because they could not be outdoors during the webinar.

forest coaching workshop: the recording

Here’s a short excerpt from the recording of the webinar, where you can listen to the introductory part where I address the benefits of nature connection and contemplative practices for coaching.

somatic and ecosomatic intelligence in practice

After the introduction about the benefits of nature connection, mindfulness and embodied practices in a coaching session, we moved into the practice of somatic and ecosomatic connection.

Participants have received a free audio guide to repeat one of the practices we did together, guided by my voice.

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Love nature, be nature.