On July 3rd 2020 we’ll be releasing the new documents with all learning opportunities with The Nature Coaching Academy!

We were to release everything TODAY, but we’re still waiting for a couple of information on behalf of our partners, so we have a little unwanted delay.

Meanwhile, we have designed a renewed program, with lots of different formulas ranging from self-paced online learning to weeklong nature immersion and exclusive 1-1 retreats for those who are looking for a custom-designed learning path.

We also have a unique opportunity to become our Country “Ambassador” and co-create in-person residential programs in your country with our trainers.

Last week we hosted a webinar where I’ve been talking about all this with people from Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Finland, Belgium, Poland, France, Spain, Canada, and I’m probably forgetting to mention some countries 🙂

We can’t wait to share with you all the exciting programs we have been preparing over the past few months.

Please make sure you’re on the priority list to get to know everything in advance. You can check that by going HERE, trying to register to download the Ebook “Nature Coaching”, and if the system tells you that your email is already registered, you can be sure you’re in.

Keep in touch!

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diana tedoldi