Nature Coaching, Forest Bathing, Forest Coaching® and deep nature connection

We have finally released the new presentation of our Nature Coaching a Forest bathing courses for the academic year 2021-2022!

You shall receive the updated documents through our newsletter if you’re registered. If you’re not, you can join it here and have instant access to the detailed content of each course, along with logistics, terms and conditions.

New Italian Workshops

Join us in Italy for a series of workshop aimed at experiencing the power of Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) in synergy with Nature Coaching and Forest Coaching®.

Each workshop starts at 10am on Friday and end at 4pm on Sundays, for a full flow of nature immersion with the trainers of The Nature Coaching Academy.

Mindfulness with nature, contemplative practices and self-discovery in connection with trees, rivers, springs, mountains and the magnificent urban gardens in the countryside and in the heart of Milano City.

If you want to start your complete training as Forest Bathing Guide, Nature Coach or Forest Coach, you will choose 3 workshops among these 4 available dates (more dates will be added over the next few months for Fall and Winter 2021 and Spring 2022):

  • 4-5-6 June and 27-28-29 August 2021: The Power of Forest Bathing and deep nature connection with rivers, springs and magnificent urban gardens in the heart of Milan City. Where: between Treviglio, Milan and Fara Gera d’Adda – Italy.
  • 25-26-27 June and 20-21-22 August 2021: The Power of the Wild. We’ll be based in a small property in the heart of Lessinia, the region of the Pre-Alps near the city of Verona. The whole area has been home to Neanderthal tribes for over 30.000 years: in this area our ancestors have been living, hunting and connecting with nature leaving traces of their culture. Cascades, ancient caves, streams and mountains will be the partners of our adventures, along with deep silence in the peaceful garden of our host, night adventures in the woods, experiencing instinctive archery and eating together around the bonfire.

The four workshops will all be different, with some recurring practices that are the foundation of our approach to forest bathing, deep nature connection and nature-based coaching.

Choose your 3 favourite dates and start your learning journey and professional development as a nature-connected facilitator and coach!

International workshops

We have scheduled a rainbow of nature immersions all over Europe!

Each workshop is a 5-days unique experience, that will connect you with the beauty of nature in Spain, Austria, Finland and Greece. Discover our International courses and choose your favourite!


  • Watch the recording of the introductory webinar to our Greek nature immersion HERE
  • 25th May at 7.30pm GMT+1: join us LIVE for the introductory webinar about our Austrian nature immersion (12th-16th July) -> join our mailing list to get the Zoom link
  • 1st June at 8pm GMT+1: Join us LIVE for the introductory webinar about our Spanish nature immersion (14th-18th Spetember) -> join our mailing list to get the Zoom link

What you can do now

We can’t wait to welcome you to our next cohort of students!

We have so far been training more than 50 nature connection and forest bathing guides and Forest coaches, since the start of our first edition in Italy in 2019. Then Covid came and we had to stop all our nature immersion until now, doing lots of online learning (with lots of frustration!).

But we’re now all set to get back to nature and complete all the programs that are waiting to be finished.

Our courses to become Forest or Nature Coach, Forest or Nature Ambassadors are the ideal path for all those looking for expert mentoring and learning about deep nature connection and coaching outdoors, in synergy with nature.

To get to know more about us, here’s what you can do now:

  • Subscribe to our priority list and download our free ebook about Nature Coaching and even more resources to go deep into our approach to nature, personal growth and professional development
  • Watch the video that our Greek Ambassadors have made and get a taste of what you will experience with us in Greece next October:
  • Watch the recording of our introductory webinar to the Greek nature immersion, where I talk about the new Edition of our courses for the year 2021-2022 and the upcoming nature immersion at Mount Pelion (Greece), next October.
  • Watch the recording and access the exclusive resources related to the webinar that we did for the Climate Coaching Alliance, where we’ve been speaking about “Coaching with nature for nature: co-creating change with the natural world”.
  • Join me LIVE next May 17th for a unique opportunity to get to know Forest Coaching® for free: I’m hosting a free online workshop for the International Coaching Federation, during the International Coaching Week. Get to know everything about this session and register for free!
  • Listen to my interview for “Coaching Outdoors”: I share my experience and philosophy about coaching with nature.

That’s all for now!

Stay healthy, connect with nature, be nature.