What is Nature Coaching? Discover my perspective on Nature Coaching in the latest article I published on the Blog of the International Coach Federation.

In this article I discuss some definitions of Nature Coaching that we find on the web, distinguishing between a type of Nature Coaching where Nature is just a simple background or container of the coaching dialogue, and my perspective Nature is the Co-Coach and has an active role during the session.


I also talk about the necessary shift from an anthropocentric to an ecocentric approach to Nature, inviting you to develop awareness of the intrinsic value of Nature and all living beings, and a felt sense of interdependence and interconnection with the land, your place and all living beings.

I address the ecological, social and spiritual crisis of our times connecting it with our lack of connection to Nature, as many scientists, psychologists and researchers are more and more acknowledging (see Otto Scharmer, Peter Senge, Andy Fisher and Craig Chalquist, along with the wider Biomimicry researchers and nature connection worldwide movement).

Nature Coaches can impact the process of culture repair that we need to develop now with urgency.

As some of my favourite authors write:

The global crisis is, in essence, a crisis of perception.
There can be no technological fix, but only a shift in our way to perceive ourselves and the relationship with the earth.

Environmental activist, author of 8 books, researcher on general systems theory and deep ecology

The foundation of the environmental crisis is in our attitude towards ourselves and the natural environment.

Dancer, artist, Professor in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College, in Middlebury, Vermont, USA.

If you’re a coach, you can greatly impact the mindset of your clients and their attitude towards the planet, and Nature Coaching can contribute to igniting this much needed shift.

There can be no personal wellbeing on a sick planet.

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Diana Tedoldi

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